Laparoscopic surgery; also called Laparoscopy, is a diagnostic process by which the surgeon examines the abdominal organs with the help of a laparoscope. It is a sleek tool with a tiny camera at the end. First, however, in this surgery, the doctor makes an incision in the patient’s abdomen. After that, the laparoscope is inserted inside the abdomen, and it is filled with carbon dioxide. 

After the completion of the surgery, it might cause constipation, bloating, some discomfort, and gas. But the best part is that there are various ways with which the problem of gas can be treated to get rapid relief.

So, let’s find out those ways by which gas can be relieved rapidly: –

  1. Do some leg raising exercise 

Doing some leg raising exercises will help the person to pass the gas faster. For this, you have to lie on your back and place one pillow under your knees. After that, in slow motion, raise the right leg towards the stomach with a bent knee. Make sure you will remain in this position for at least 10 seconds. Now lower that leg after 10 seconds and do this same exercise with your left leg. By doing this, the muscles of the abdomen will contract and expand, which will help the gas move through the digestive system. For the best results, do this exercise 2 to 3 times a day until the discomfort goes away. 

  1. Take a walk post-surgery

According to the doctors of laparoscopic surgery, walking after having this surgery is essential, which every patient must do. Thus, if you suffer from gas after this surgery, walk for around 15 minutes in a garden or near your home. But make sure that you feel comfortable while walking. Walking will encourage bowel movements, by which constipation or gas will get relieved faster. 

  1. Take the help of medication

Your medication will continue after this surgery, and good surgeons prescribe gas medication to the patients. But make sure you only take the medication that is meant explicitly for gas.

The bottom line

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