The first news of pregnancy tickles you with dream-come-true feelings. After all, becoming a mother was one of your favorite dreams. You live each day with utmost pleasure and joy while taking every necessary precaution of the bump that always reminds you about a happy future ahead. 

But this unique feeling isn’t necessarily to come with happiness because specific pregnancy issues might have developed within you and are giving some unusual symptoms. These signs are sometimes detectable by a pregnant woman itself. But in most events, it becomes necessary to visit Gynaecologists in Kandivali Mumbai

In this article, we detail those warning signs during pregnancy that are maybe an indication of not-too-good happening in the future. Because not every feeling or symptom is good when you are about to welcome a new life. 

Warning Signs During Pregnancy 

Gynecologist in Kandivali Mumbai sees that not all warning signs during pregnancy are similar. These signs may be visible in the early pregnancy or post that. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze when and what type of symptoms are you facing.  

Early Pregnancy (Before 20 Weeks)

Some pregnant women experience discomfort in their belly, or the pregnancy is arriving with a unique pain. The signs are possibly to occur during the early stage and are medically termed ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. 

Symptoms are as follows – 

  • Persistent pain in the abdomen 
  • Pain on the shoulder’s tip
  • Cramping in the lower abdomen
  • Severe pain

Later Pregnancy (After 20 Weeks)

Women with late pregnancies also see some unusual symptoms that can’t be ignored. Such as, if pregnancy is arriving with pains after 20 weeks, these signs need to be checked immediately to avoid complications later. 

Symptoms are as follows. 

  • Blurry eye-sight
  • Change in vision
  • Swelling in hands, face, and feet
  • Itchiness 
  • Swelling in legs
  • Abnormal baby movement

Warning Signs Visible Anytime During Pregnancy  

It’s time to discuss in brief the warning signs that are common during pregnancy. These signs are untimely and can be experienced anytime by a pregnant woman. 

  • Unusual or severe stomach pain or back pain
  • Bleeding or fluid leaking from the vagina
  • Blurred or impaired vision
  • Frequent, severe, and/or constant headaches
  • Stomach muscles tighten
  • Dizziness in the body 
  • Decreased movements of the baby after 28 weeks
  • Excessive vomiting and diarrhea
  • Fever or chills during day or night
  • Muscle seizures
  • Pain or burning when urinating
  • Swelling of the face, fingers, and feet
  • Inability to tolerate food or liquids

What to do now?

Assuming that it is just a symptom of pregnancy, you might be taking your and your baby’s health lightly. That you should not! Being a mother, you should be well aware of what’s good and what’s not good in pregnancy. Therefore, as soon as you encounter some issues in your abdomen or you are experiencing something abnormal in your body after pregnancy, please contact a Gynaecologist in Kandivali Mumbai. 

Gynecologists specialize in treating and curing reproductive issues in women. They may better track your health status and give you the best suggestion and treatment to keep the mother and her child away from terrible consequences. In most events, situations can go worse if the mother keeps skipping the check-ups. 


So delay no more. Becoming a mum-to-be is an utterly great thing, but it doesn’t happen all time. Many times this symptom goes by itself and comes again. If permanent treatment isn’t undertaken, you must be prepared to meet worse consequences. So as soon as possible, visit a Gynaecologist who will give the best suggestion on what to do and what not in these sensitive times.


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