In the first trimester of pregnancy, nausea, food aversions, and exhaustion will make ‘eating for two’ challenging.

Many pregnant women notice that they have no urge to consume some of the nutritious foods they used to enjoy, such as fresh vegetables or lean meats, in the first trimester. Therefore, concentrate on balanced foods in the first trimester to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients.


Your baby’s energy requirements — like yours! — are also very small during the first trimester. In the first trimester, you should strive to consume about 2,000 calories per day, but your doctor may advise you to consume more depending on your activity level. 

Eat three meals and one or two snacks per day. If you’re having trouble controlling your portion sizes, focus on consistency instead, making sure that the food you do manage to consume is both healthy and enjoyable to you at the time.


Fill up on vital pregnancy nutrients during the next nine months, but pay special attention to folic acid, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin c, potassium, and DHA during the first trimester.

Foods including lean meat, yogurt, broccoli, bananas, beans, and lentils, as well as ginger tea, are recommended by nutritionists.


  1. Keep yourself hydrated: Begin as soon as possible. Before going to bed, fill a glass with water and set it on your nightstand. When you wake up, drink it before beginning your day.
  1. Snack appropriately: Early in pregnancy, a common symptom is a sudden onset of hunger followed by nausea and even fullness. Eat nutritious snacks during the day to keep the blood sugar stable.
  1. Take your prenatal: Everyone does not eat ideally every day, which is one of the reasons why taking a prenatal vitamin is so important. 

Consult your OB/GYN if you’re uncertain about what diet to take. And in case you are looking for the best gynaecologist in Mumbai, reach out to Punit fertility. There, the doctors will tell you which foods and beverages to avoid entirely during the first trimester, such as alcohol, unpasteurized dairy, and raw meats.

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