Adolescence is a period of big transition, but medical care providers in India today aren’t intended to assist young individuals to develop healthy patterns, behaviors, and relationships which they can take into their adult lives. When most teens at this phase of life are flourishing, many have trouble gaining access to essential services; many others participate in risky behaviors that may endanger their health during those formative years and contribute to poor health outcomes in adulthood. Missed chances for illness prevention and health promotion are two important problematic features of the country’s health services program for teens.

Recognizing that healthcare providers play a significant part in fostering healthy behaviors among teenagers, Adolescent Health Services assesses the health status of adolescents and reports that the different and uncoordinated applications and services delivered in several public and private healthcare settings. The publication offers advice to administrators in public and private healthcare agencies, healthcare workers, guidance counselors, parents, college administrators, and policymakers on investment in, strengthening, and enhancing the integrated health program for teens.

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