“Where do I get contraception?”

“Which approach to contraception suits me”

“I am under 16 — will I get contraception?”

We aim to offer practical information to everybody who would like to learn more about contraception, or who could have a question concerning how they use or are contemplating using.

You may begin by finding out about the methods of contraception you may select from, including how they operate, who will utilize them and potential side effects.

These methods are:

  • caps or diaphragms
  • combined pill
  • condoms
  • contraceptive implant
  • contraceptive injection
  • contraceptive patch
  • female condoms
  • IUD (intrauterine device or coil)
  • IUS (intrauterine system or hormonal coil)
  • natural family planning (fertility awareness)
  • progestogen-only pill
  • vaginal ring

There are 2 permanent methods of contraception:

  • female sterilization
  • male sterilization (vasectomy)

Which strategy works best for you depends upon a range of factors, including your age, if you smoke, your family and medical history, as well as any medications you are taking.