If any woman cannot conceive, then Vitro Fertilization is the last option for infertile couples. In other words, you can say IVF is a boon for childless couples by which they can enjoy the joy of being a parent. But some of the couples doubt in their mind how IVF treatment will benefit us. 

So, to clear this doubt, we have written this blog to get the right direction: –

  1. Way to preserve fertility in women

Many couples don’t want to lose track of their career as the time passes. But when they start planning for a baby, their whole biological cycle cannot cooperate, which means women do not conceive. 

At this point, IVF does its work by freezing the women’s eggs to become parents.

  1. Fewer chances of miscarriage

These days due to many reasons, miscarriages are on the rise. In order words, you can say due to genetic abnormality, the baby miscarriages, by which natural pregnancy cannot occur. 

Now, talking about IVF, then with the help of PGT, doctors can easily determine the genetic viability of the embryo, which offers greater chances to have a healthy baby.

  1. It can be used by anybody.

Anyone can use it, which is the best part of IVF treatment. It also includes same-sex couples, women who are not physically well, etc.

  1. IVF can also use donated eggs or sperm

There are many times when IVF experts recommend donated eggs or sperm as the couple’s egg or sperm are not strong enough to have a baby. In this case, the egg or sperm is manually fertilized in the lab, and finally, the viable embryo is used for IVF.

  1. High chances of a healthy baby

IVF uses genetic technology, which allows having a healthy baby. With the help of PGT, the doctors ensure that the baby in the womb is free from genetic markers.  

So, if you plan to have IVF treatment in Mumbai, then Punit Fertility is the best option where you have high chances to have a healthy baby.

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