When any couple plans to have a baby via IVF, data plays an essential role where families always look at the high success rate of the treatment. That means whichever hospital they choose, they always take a look at how much success it offers to the couples. 

Well, no doubt IVF is the best option by which couples can enjoy the laugh of the baby and complete a family. So, through this blog, you will come to know how you can increase the chances of IVF success.

  1. Try to maintain a healthy weight.

According to the experts of the IVF centres in Mumbai, maintaining a healthy weight is vital for the success of IVF. Being overweight makes the monitoring of the ovaries quite difficult, which increases the chances of further complications.

  1. Manage your stress

No doubt having IVF treatment is quite stressful as you have to undergo various treatment processes like medication, scheduling, etc. by which the level of stress runs high. As a woman, if you want your pregnancy to be good, then manage your stress via various techniques.

  1. Go for supplements

Supplements play a vital role in the success of IVF treatment. For this, you can consult your doctor or DHEA, and CoQ10 is the best supplement that ensures good egg quantity and also quality.

  1. Have enough sleep during IVF

Women taking 7-8 hours’ sleep every night increases the success of IVF. The reason is sleep is a treatment that repairs the whole body by offering healthy pregnancy.

  1. Avoid chemicals for the success of IVF.

There are various items at home that have chemicals which can impact the health of mother and baby. So, make sure you don’t use such things like nail polish that has formaldehyde, packed food with BPA and phenols, etc.

The bottom line

So, if you are planning to have IVF treatment, you can consult the Punit Fertility IVF centre in Mumbai. We have updated technology and highly experienced doctors who will help you to enjoy the phase of motherhood. 

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