Laparoscopic surgery, also known as keyhole surgery, is a minimally invasive surgery that allows surgeons to operate with incisions as small as 0.5cm — 1.5cm.

Via the incisions, lean operating tools are inserted, along with a laparoscope camera that provides eyesight of the working area.

With Optics and light technology advancements, laparoscopic surgery is becoming a more common alternative to open surgery because healing is usually quicker, and discomfort is significantly reduced. In contrast to open surgery, where wider incisions are typically made, post-operative injuries may often be more minor.

Laparoscopic surgery may treat gynaecology conditions, such as endometriosis, chronic pelvic fibroids, and rectal prolapse.

Where to look for the best laparoscopic surgery? 

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How is it done?

The root of pelvic and stomach torment is periodically detected and analysed by laparoscopy. It is usually done when non-invasive methodologies cannot help.

  • Ultrasound, which makes photos of your framework using high recurrence sound waves
  • CT scan is an advance of an X-beam that takes cross-sectional pictures of the body.
  • MRI scan that makes photographs of your body by using magnets and radio waves.

When these tests do not give sufficient analysis data or knowledge, the best laparoscopic surgeon in Mumbai performs laparoscopy. A biopsy or tissue test may also be used to remove a specific organ in the intestines using the methodology.

The specialist does a few minor cuts. Usually, not more than half an inch of standard length is used. They fit a cylinder through each opening, which is experienced by the camera and the careful devices. The expert performs the medical procedure at this point.

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