As we all know, periods can be a big trouble sometimes, and we must adhere to good hygiene practices during menstruation. In this blog, we will learn about a few mensuration health tips described by the best gynaecologists in Mumbai.

Mensuration is one of the important phases of women’s bodies that deserve extreme self-care. Proper hygiene during menstruation can assist you in handling the pain and staying completely fresh during your periods. Therefore, good menstruation hygiene should be your top importance.

Tips for Managing Menstrual Health

Regularly wash yourself

During menstruation, blood tends to enter tiny spaces like between your labia or the crust around your vagina and should always be washed away later on. This practice also tends to beat bad smells from the vaginal area. Therefore, it is vital to wash your vagina and labia before you change into a new pad. If you cannot clean extra blood, you can wipe off the area using toilet paper or tissue.

Make sure not to use soap or vagina hygiene products

Using vaginal hygiene products daily is a good idea, but using them during menses can harm you. Vagina have their cleaning method, which comes into play during the menstruation cycle, and these products can hamper the natural process leading to the growth of bacteria and infection

Properly dispose off the sanitary pad or tampon

It is better to wrap them before dumping them so that there is no spread of infection or bacteria. Remember not to flush them as they block the toilet, thus causing the water to back up and scattering diseases and bacteria everywhere. You must wash your hands with soap and water after disposing of them.

Adhere to one sanitation method.

Women use tampons and sanitary napkins, or two sanitary napkins at a time during heavy blood flow, which is an effective method. While it may keep you dry and stop stained cloth, it can cause infections too. Tampons and sanitary napkins need to be changed since combining the two techniques absorbs the blood. Without changing the pad daily, the collected blood invites bacteria causing infection. Therefore, using a sanitary napkin and changing it as often as possible during heavy blood flow is suggested. Following these rules will make maintaining good health and managing your period handier.

Final words

Best gynaecologists in Kandivali suggest these tips to manage menstrual health, thus reducing any chances of infection or other health issues. However, if you have irregular or heavy blood flow, reach out to one of the best doctors in Mumbai to address your concerns.

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