There are multiple stages in pregnancy, and each stage needs to be managed in a different way. The health issues or the adverse effects on a mother also vary from the different stages of pregnancy. For the pregnancy to be successful, a mother should know how to deal with all of them differently. 

However, every negative effect and health issue to a woman can be eliminated by following a healthy diet plan. For a mother to maintain her health along with the baby, it is crucial to follow a nutritious and balanced diet that can provide her with all the necessary elements. In this topic, we will brief you with a diet plan that every mother needs to follow during her second trimester to be delivered with a positive and healthy pregnancy result. 

Here, we will bring around all the necessary food items that you need to consume during your second trimester in order to get an assurance of you and your child’s safety. This healthy diet is formed in a way that the mother receives the required amounts of vitamins, minerals, fibers, calcium, and every other element she needs to keep herself in excellent health condition along with the unborn baby. 

Elements necessary during the second trimester

1. Iron

During pregnancy, there are possible chances for women to experience difficulty in breathing. To eliminate any breathing risk, you should consume plenty of iron that will keep the oxygen levels intact. You can fulfill the iron requirements in your body from food like lean meat, seafood, nuts, and many more.

2. Protein

The intake of protein in the body can help in the healthy development of the unborn child’s brain. However, it would be best if you consume protein in quantities prescribed by a gynecologist. You can fulfill the protein requirement in your body by consuming fish, eggs, meat, and a few more.

3. Calcium

Women who are of young age and are pregnant should take a sufficient amount of calcium during their second trimester. The smooth running of muscles, nerves, and the circulatory system can be assured with enough calcium intake. You can get enough amounts of calcium from dairy products, eggs, tofu, white beans, and many more. 

Final thoughts

The care of a mother is crucial in every stage of pregnancy, but for the second trimester of pregnancy, the above food diet can be followed to be sure of a healthy pregnancy. You can trust the above list to the fullest as these are prescribed by some of the best gynecologists in Mumbai.

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