IVF Treatment is a technique used for infertile couples. In this technique, the woman is injected with high doses of hormones to increase the egg count. Then the eggs are removed from the ovaries and fertilized with the man’s sperm in a laboratory. They are then kept to form into embryos. After that, the embryos formed are put back into the uterus to achieve pregnancy. 

There are perfect couples who are unable to get a child of their own. And IVF is the best option for such couples. The success of IVF treatment depends on various factors like age of the patient, duration of fertility, ovarian response, and the patient’s medical history. 

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*Commencement of the treatment

* Stimulation of the ovary


*hCG/GnRH injection

*Ovum pick up

*Sperm collection

*Embryo transfer

*Pregnancy test

Benefits of IVF Treatment

  1. Hope

It is a hope for infertile couples. It increases the chance of conceiving and having a healthy baby, and having a child with their eggs.

  1. Older patients

It maximizes the chance for older patients conceiving with their eggs. It is an answer to many couple’s dreams. It has high success rates with older women as they focus on the quality of eggs rather than the quantity. 

  1. Time control

For people having a unique life situation, this technique will help you with the exact time when you need the baby. This can help the child to get the best care. 

  1. Decreased miscarriages

The technique uses PGT to determine the genetic viability of the embryo, providing a better chance for a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby. 

  1. Less male involvement

The IVF technique does not involve the male partner undergoing any surgeries. His only work is to give a good count of sperm to continue the process.

  1.  Healthy baby

The technique involves using genetic screening, which ensures the good health of your baby. Through genetic screening, you can know about any genetic diseases in either of the couple. 

The disadvantage

The only disadvantage of the IVF treatment is that the woman has to undergo high-dose hormonal injections for about two weeks. So there is a higher chance of multiple pregnancies. There is also a slight chance of being unsuccessful due to the couple’s age or the low sperm count. 

We can see the upper hands of so many advantages over a slight disadvantage. 

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