There are several people in our country who are not aware of the term Gynaecological cancer. The best Gynaecologists in Mumbai state that it is the term used for all types of cancer that women’s reproductive organs and genitals can face. Some of these organs are the vulva, cervix, fallopian tube, vagina, and ovaries.

No doubt there are several ways by which women can be diagnosed with gynaecological cancers, but every woman must be aware of all the possible signs and symptoms of cancer. So, keeping this in mind, let’s discuss the symptoms of gynaecological cancer. 


  • Infertility
  • Pain while doing sex
  • Abnormal lumps or bumps around the vulva
  • Back pain
  • Pelvic pain or pressure
  • Bloating around the lower abdomen
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge
  • Extreme pain or cramping in the lower abdomen
  • Burning, skin colour changes or itching in the vulva
  • Frequent or urgent urination or constipation in very common in ovarian and vaginal cancer
  • Feels like you are full quickly or face difficulty in eating
  • Longer or significantly heavier periods than usual
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Swelling of the legs or leg pain

Causes of gynaecological cancers

There are several causes because of which the problem of gynaecological cancer is faced by women’s bodies. They are: –

  • Due to diabetes
  • Smoking
  • HIV infection or a weak immune system in the women
  • Obesity
  • HPV is Human Papillomavirus infection
  • Age factor
  • Family history
  • High-fat diet
  • Use of oral birth control pills
  • Any previous history of gynecologic cancer or breast cancer
  • Estrogen therapy

How do experts treat the problem of gynaecological cancer in women’s bodies?

The treatment of this cancer wholly depends upon the overall health of the women, women’s tolerance regarding various therapies, and, not the least, the extent of the disease.

Treatment options for gynaecological cancer are: –


This is the primary treatment of gynaecological cancer, in which experts will remove the tumour with surgery. The surgery on the tumour is often done by experts who have some previous experience in the field. 

Radiation therapy

If cancer in a woman’s body is in the early stage, then the radiation method is adopted by doctors. The radioactive waves will kill the cancer cells and shrink tumours.


Chemotherapy is the full medication process given to women to kill cancer cells.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy is given to women to kill or stop cancer from growing further.

Intraperitoneal chemotherapy

This treatment is for those patients who are suffering from the fallopian tube, primary peritoneal cancer, or ovarian cancer. This approach in cancer has shown positive results.

The bottom line

After reading the above information on gynaecological cancer, you might get an idea of what gynaecological cancer and its types are. So, as a woman, if you notice any of the above symptoms in your body, ensure not to ignore the issue and contact the best gynaecologist in Kandivali for the best treatment. 

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