Nowadays, one out of eight women is facing difficulty in getting pregnant. But thanks to advancements in science and technology, which has given a chance for women to become mothers. However, this advancement is IVF treatment, which is common these days. 

Basically, in IVF, medication is given to the women continuously for 12 days so that the egg can grow. But there are some things which you must know about IVF treatment if you are getting IVF treatment in Mumbai or any other place.  

Things you must know about IVF treatment: –

  1. Conventional IVF treatment is time-consuming.

In this process, the first eggs are removed from the ovary of the women and fertilized outside. After that, it is placed in the woman’s womb. That means the whole treatment process is quite lengthy, in which women have to go to the clinic time and again.

  1. The total price is more than the cycle cost.

Most of the patients misunderstand the full-cycle cost of the treatment. This means if you talk about cycle cost, it includes egg collection, embryo transfer, etc. However, the cost of a blood test, medication, and varied other techniques are not at this price.

  1. The shots can offer side-effects, but not extreme.

If you talk about side-effects, then they are breast tenderness and bloating of the abdomen. Indeed, they are not severe, but some women think it will cause severe side-effects on their body afterward.

  1. The age of women matters a lot.

It is very true in the case of IVF treatment. Lesser the age of the woman, and the success rate is high. For example, if the woman is 35 years, then IVF treatment’s success rate begins declining. And if the woman is 45 years old, then the IVF success rate is meager.

  1. The process can be stressful.

No doubt, IVF is a streamlined treatment, but for most women it is entirely stressful. Most women stress whether the process would be successful or not.

The bottom line

Before you choose IVF treatment in Mumbai to become a mother, ensure that you read the above points, and get ready for the same.

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