Have you recently considered starting IVF treatments, but some myths keep getting in? It’s time to put an end to these fallacies and adopt a parenting style that pays dividends. IVF has advanced significantly in terms of technology.

It’s time to dispel some fallacies about IVF that have been thoroughly debunked by the best IVF center in Kandivali. It’s crucial to dispel these misunderstandings because failing to do so could result in a lifetime of family planning troubles.

IVF operations using ART, or assisted reproductive technology, have made it possible for couples to transition to IVF in a healthy way in line with the development and more sophisticated approach to family planning.

Myth Dispelling with Real Facts: All the IVF Information You Need to Know

Myth: Breastfeeding is not possible if you are Covid-19 positive.

Factual: There is no evidence to support the assertion made in any scientific study that an infection spreads through nursing. This permits you to continue feeding your child born through IVF.

Myth: IVF requires you to commit to lengthy hospital stays.

Factual: The best IVF treatment in Kandivali requires only your undivided attention. It doesn’t call for you to spend any days in the hospital. It emphasizes family planning that is quicker, safer, and healthier.

Myth: Female infertility is the primary factor behind IVF.

Factual: Although some may find this an uncomfortable reality, infertility affects men and women equally frequently.

Myth: IVF is only appropriate for younger couples.

Factual: This is a persistent fallacy; the truth is that IVF is successful in treating older couples. However, compared to younger couples, the level of efficacy is a little lower.

Myth: An IVF baby will have defects at birth.

Factual: There is no distinction between a child or a baby born via IVF and a baby born generally in terms of congenital abilities.

Myth: IVF costs more since the procedure is artificial.

Factual: You won’t need to make significant financial commitments to receive treatment at the best institutions.

Myth: The first cycle of IVF is guaranteed.

Factual: The center you select significantly impacts the success rate.

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