Surgical procedures are always a bit terrifying to patients. However, the procedures could be a regular job for a doctor, but not for the patient. But thanks to science and technology for bringing evolution in the medical industry, for eliminating the requirement of invasive operative procedures that you resist. 

With the advent of new medical instruments and technology, now mostly medical treatments have shifted from major to minimally invasive surgeries. 

Without affecting the mechanism, and internal organs, these surgeries are performed with precision. Such as laparoscopic Surgery in Mumbai is a well-accepted and highly effective surgical procedure.

If you have an abdomen problem or you are a woman experiencing something abnormal in her reproductive system, this surgery can be the best option for you. 

What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

In simple words, Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery. Compared to other surgeries that use big cuts to cure an issue in the abdomen area, these surgeries are done with minimal cuts for maximum relief and cure. 

The surgery is successful because of the Laparoscope – a slender tool that surgeons use to perform Laparoscopic. The tool contains a tiny camera injected inside the abdomen by a surgeon through minor cuts. 

Using the camera, doctors can view what’s happening inside a person’s body without performing extensive surgery. Similarly, a surgical operation is done via further insertions by a team of doctors. 

The risk ratio of Laparoscopic surgery is 1/4,000. That’s why most doctors recommend this treatment of wonders to many people. 

What types of Operations can be performed using Laparoscopic surgery?

Without a doubt, Laparoscopic is deemed one of the safest surgery of the age. But now comes the critical topic “what types of surgeries can be performed using this technology and which problems could be cured”?

So let’s make it easy for you. Modern technology has widely been used to cure Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, cancer, diverticulitis, rectal prolapse, and severe constipation. 

Besides these operations, the technique has also been used for small tumor removals, adrenal gland removal, kidney removal, and much more. All these things point to a higher efficacy rate for Laparoscopic, making it one of the best operations in the industry. 

How to Prepare Yourself For Laparoscopic?

Preparation is one of the paramount activities that must be performed way before you select a doctor and go for the treatment. The expertise of doctors and hospital specialization must be checked. 

Such as, Punit Fertility Hospital (Kandivali, Mumbai) is one of the most trusted destinations for people looking for Laparoscopic surgery in Mumbai. The hospital is specialized in fertility and abdomen surgeries and treatments. That’s why you should look for some hospitals like Punit Fertility Hospital (Kandivali, Mumbai) when thinking about the surgery. 

Why Choose Punit Fertility Hospital (Kandivali, Mumbai)?

Punit Fertility is a one-stop destination for all disappointed parents who dream of becoming a Ma or Pa of a little toddler. For a long, the fertility-special hospital has been healing the life of people through its high-end abilities. 

Using special tools, techniques, and years of expertise, the hospital holds a track record of curing numerous abdomen-based issues, each enjoying the highest success rate. For Laparoscopic surgery in Mumbai, you can visit Punit Fertility Hospital. 

Apart from this minimally invasive surgery, the hospital is also famous for menstrual treatments, IVF, Ultrasound services, General cancer screening for Women, and other women and kids-based treatments. 

How Much Does Laparoscopic Surgery Cost?

Laparoscopic Surgery costs usually vary between 38,500 – and Rs.77000. But the ultimate price is decided by the treatment need of a patient. However, Punit Fertility Hospital provides surgical treatment at pretty reasonable fees. That’s why you should bring the patient to Punit Fertility Hospital before a big emergency strikes. Compared to other surgeries, the cost of  Laparoscopic is still much more affordable at our hospital. 


Without a doubt, you have received all answers to why you should visit Punit Fertility Hospital in Kandivali, Mumbai. After all, the hospital has been providing the best and most affordable surgical operations to patients and occupies the highest success rate. If you are also going through an abdominal issue or fertility problem, then make sure you waste no more time visiting us. 

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